20-21 Season FAQs

Updated October 7, 2020

This page will be updated with the latest information on the impact of COVID-19 and health and safety protocol for Players’ productions. Please continue to check back for updates.

It is our sincere hope that we will be able to continue presenting our 90th season to you as planned. Performances could be live-streamed, live, or a combination of both, as we follow state and local mandates regarding gatherings. We will continue to keep the health and safety of our artists, staff, volunteers, and our patrons our #1 priority as we move forward. Given the dynamic situation, we will do our best to keep patrons updated about changes and mandates as they become available. Please understand that all performances are subject to change based on state and local health and safety protocol.

We anticipate that you will have questions about ticketing and safety, so we have created a list of FAQs. Please continue to check back for updates. Thank you in advance for your flexibility, patience, and understanding during this time.

What are you doing to protect actors and production personnel?

We will always follow the statewide restrictions applicable to the tier to which our county is assigned. In September 2020, we were able to rehearse and livestream our first production An Act of God entirely remotely from our actors’, creatives’ and crews’ individual homes. As of 9/21/20, county protocols (ref. section 9 Livestreaming, Broadcasting, and Recording with No Audience Present)allow theaters with approved social distancing and sanitizing procedures to safely rehearse and broadcast small-scale productions from their facility. Though these protocols do not allow performing to a live in-theater audience, they make it possible to protect our artists while filming them in a traditional theatrical space for streaming productions.

How will you keep audiences safe?

When the state and county allow in-person theatre to resume, we will be strictly adhering to state and local health and safety protocols for cleaning and sanitation of the theatre and complying with all requirements for capacity limits and social distancing. We will also consider enhanced safety measures based on feedback gathered this summer from our patron survey.

When audiences are allowed, will seating capacity be impacted?

When audience attendance at theaters resumes, mandates on gatherings may require us to limit the number of people allowed in the theater and/or change the seating assignments to meet social distancing requirements. Please be aware that if you have purchased season tickets, this could impact your subscribed seat location. Rest assured your subscribed seats will be saved in our system so that you can keep your seats season after season.

What happens if a show is canceled or postponed?

Health and safety orders may require us to cancel or reschedule in-person performances. We are working with our theatrical licensing house to acquire live streaming rights for the shows in the event we can’t have in-person performances. We have already confirmed streaming rights for An Act of God, Men on Boats, Twelfth Night and Allegiance. Your ticket purchase will give you a pass to view the livestream of the performance if you are unable to attend in person. In the event of a cancelation that we are unable to live stream, you will be offered a credit voucher, the opportunity to donate your ticket price back to Palo Alto Players, or a ticket refund. If the performance is rescheduled, we will automatically move your ticket to the new date.

I just bought a single ticket. Where’s my ticket confirmation or streaming link?

When you purchase a ticket, you’ll receive a “Confirmation of your order from Palo Alto Players” from info@paplayers.org. Streaming links will be sent separately, from info@mail.paplayers.org, one day before your show time. If you buy your ticket less than one day before the show time, the streaming link will be included in your confirmation email. Want to see past orders all in one place? Visit your personal account at https://paplayers.org/my-account/. Use the password you’ve already set to log in, or create a new one by clicking “Reset here” at “Forgot your password”. Once logged in, you can look up any order you’ve made with Palo Alto Players, though streaming links will NOT be included in the summary. Please note that subscriptions and tickets purchased before July 21, 2020 were imported into our new ticketing service and will appear in your account.

I’m a season subscriber. How will I get access to livestreams? Do I have to pay extra?

You’ve already paid to see the show by subscribing; there is no additional charge. For Players’ originally programmed five shows, you’ll view the streaming performance on the date and time you have your subscribed seats. If this is an “extra” show or a new title, we’ll email you a promo code you can use to get a free ticket to watch on a date you choose—use the promo code online, or call/email the box office. You will be emailed a clickable streaming link to watch one day prior to your scheduled performance. Want to review your subscription or extra tickets online? Visit your personal account at https://paplayers.org/my-account/. Use the password you’ve already set to log in, or create a new one by clicking “Reset here” at “Forgot your password”. Once logged in, you can look up any order you’ve made with Palo Alto Players, though livestream links will NOT be included in the summary. Please note that subscriptions and tickets purchased before July 21, 2020 were imported into our new ticketing service and will appear in your account.

I share my subscription with people outside of my household. How will they get access to livestreamed shows?

We don’t want any of your “subscriber buddies” to miss out and are glad to honor multi-household subscriptions. If you are the primary account holder and subscribe with someone who doesn’t live in the same house as you, please use this form to record a unique name and email address associated with each of those additional households so we can email the link for our originally scheduled five productions to the rest of your party. For “extra” shows or new titles, we’ll email subscriber buddies a promo code that can be used to get a free ticket to watch on a date chosen online, or by calling/emailing the box office. Subscriber buddies will be emailed a clickable streaming link to watch one day prior to the scheduled performance.

Will food and beverages be offered this season?

Our ability to offer concessions in our lobby may be impacted.

Will masks be required at performances?

We will follow state and local mandates, so you may be required to wear a mask to enter our theatre.

What kinds of subscription options do you have this season?

Because of the dynamic nature of our current season, we are currently offering a FLEX subscription. One FLEX subscription allows you to redeem for five seats or livestream viewings, into any of our expanding 2020-21 productions. You can use all 5 tickets for one livestreamed or in-theater show, or space them out any way you choose before the season ends. You can also buy multiple FLEX subscriptions to more closely mimic a traditional subscription. FLEX subscribers will have early access to shows before single tickets go on sale to the general public but can redeem for seats or viewings as late as the day of the performance. The earlier you redeem, the better the choices; a particular seat or viewing date is not guaranteed. You can purchase your FLEX subscription online today or by calling our box office at 650-329-0891, Tuesday–Friday, 11am–4pm.

Now that our first production has ended, our traditional 5-show subscriptions are no longer on-sale. 5-show subscribers will continue to enjoy premium benefits, including the retention of year-over-year seat rights, and reservation of the same seats on the same date in the run, all season long. All 5-show subscribers will continue to receive links to performances for which we have acquired streaming rights. There is no extra charge to subscribers for livestreamed shows this season. 

Are there subscriber benefits unique to the 20-21 season?

YES! We want you to get the most flexible—and enjoyable—experience possible as a subscriber. Both traditional and FLEX subscribers will have guaranteed seating if reduced audience capacity and socially distanced seating is required. All types of subscribers will have free and unlimited date-to-date exchanges (within a given production), plus unlimited show-to-show exchanges. (Preview performance subscribers can upgrade to another performance for a small additional fee.) All subscribers will have the option to view live-streamed productions (streaming rights permitting), plus access to exclusive virtual and live events throughout the season. And of course familiar subscriber benefits continue, like up to 35% savings off regular prices, early access to 20% discounted single tickets, and seat ownership for traditional subscription holders. Read more.

What if I purchase a subscription but decide later I don’t feel safe attending the show in person?

If safety requires that we cancel or postpone a show, we’ll communicate clearly and quickly with you, providing options for your tickets. Just as we expect to remain flexible throughout the upcoming season, we ask for your understanding in the event changes must be made to keep you safe during the months ahead. We are also working with our theatrical licensing houses to acquire live streaming rights, so that you may watch the show from the comfort of your living room if you don’t feel safe attending the in-person performance.

If I don’t renew my subscription can I still keep my seats?

Sadly, no; you must renew your traditional subscription to keep your seats. Palo Alto Players’ continued operation depends on our subscriber base, and allows us to bring you high-quality shows year after year. Renewing your subscription is an investment in Players’ future.

I didn’t renew my season subscription. What now?

The renewal deadline of July 31, 2020 has passed. We will continue to hold unrenewed subscriber seats until the theater reopens to in-person audiences. Upon reopening, unclaimed subscriber seats will be made available to other patrons. You can renew a partial season before reopening by calling our box office at 650-329-0891, Tuesday–Friday, 11am–4pm.

I don’t feel safe until a vaccine is available. What options do I have?

We will not open our theatre doors until it is deemed safe to do so, but we also understand some will want to wait until a vaccine is available. With our FLEX subscription, you receive 5 tickets that you can use in any combination throughout the 20-21 season to access livestream productions or to use when you are ready to return to the theater. You can support Palo Alto Players while having the utmost flexibility in your ticketing options.

I have credits from canceled productions of Matilda and An Act of God from the 19-20 season. Where are they, and how can I apply my credits toward a future purchase?

If you opted to receive credit vouchers for our canceled productions, we mailed a summary of your credits in late July 2020. Credits can be applied toward a FLEX subscription or toward single tickets throughout the 20-21 season. You can complete your order by calling our box office at 650-329-0891, Tuesday–Friday, 11am–4pm.

When will you be mailing subscriber tickets?

We are excited to announce that we transitioned to Spektrix, our new ticketing system, in July, 2020 to provide a better customer experience. All subscribers were mailed printed tickets in late July from the new system. In the event you have printed tickets from our old system, please discard them–they will not be valid at the theatre. Please note that livestreamed productions will be ticketed electronically; you will receive confirmations and access links via the email address associated with your subscription.

What about subscriber Buddy Passes?

Subscribers who renewed by January 29, 2020 qualified for one free Buddy Pass per subscriber seat, to be used for an additional ticket to any in-person or livestreamed show in the 2020-21 season. Early renewers received their Buddy Pass(es) when season subscription tickets were mailed in late July 2020. Call the box office to redeem your Buddy Pass for a ticket–the earlier the better and no later than 48 hours prior to your desired performance date.

Will you be mailing a 20-21 season brochure?

Given the current circumstances, we don’t have the resources to print and mail a brochure at this time, however you can view our digital brochure here.

When do single tickets go on sale?

In the past we have put single tickets on sale in October for the remainder of our season. For the 2020-21 season, we are doing it differently. Single tickets for each show will go on sale 4 weeks in advance of that show’s first performance.

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