Health and Safety FAQs

Updated November 8, 2022

This page will be updated with the latest information on the impact of COVID-19 and health and safety protocols for Players’ productions. Please continue to check back for updates.

We will always keep the health and safety of our artists, staff, volunteers, and patrons our #1 priority. Palo Alto Players will align our procedures with guidance from the CDC and state and local health protocols in place at the time of each performance. We will do our best to keep patrons updated about changes in protocols as they become available. Please understand that all performances and procedures are subject to change based on state and local health and safety mandates.

Please be warned that COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place regardless of precautions that may be taken. Attending a performance at Palo Alto Players includes possible exposure to COVID-19 and other contagions, and any resulting illness or injury from it. By attending a performance at Palo Alto Players you, and your accompanying party, voluntarily agree to (1) assume all risks associated with COVID-19 and other communicable diseases, and (2) comply with all related health & safety policies and protocols of Palo Alto Players and the City of Palo Alto.

We anticipate that you will have questions about ticketing and safety, and will continue to update this list of FAQs. Thank you in advance for your flexibility, patience, and understanding.

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What are you doing to protect theater personnel?

Palo Alto Players requires that all performers, crew, production staff and volunteers be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate.

All crew, staff, and volunteers will wear masks while in the theater. 

*How are you keeping audiences safe for live theater?

Palo Alto Players will align with the CDC and state and local health protocols in place at the time of each performance.

All ticketholders, regardless of age or vaccination status, must be masked inside the theater building. Persons unable to mask will be exempted from the requirement.

It is no longer required to show proof of full COVID vaccination, nor a recent negative COVID test.

The City of Palo Alto has upgraded the Lucie Stern Theater air filtration system with Merv-13 filters.

Children under 5 are not admitted.

*What do I need to bring to enter the theater?

All audience members must have a printed ticket or an E-ticket displayed on a mobile phone.

While inside the theater building, every person (regardless of age or vaccination status) must wear a well-fitted mask that covers their nose and mouth.

*Are masks still required at performances?

Palo Alto Players follows Santa Clara County’s strong recommendation to mask in indoor, public settings by requiring attendees to wear a mask in the theater regardless of vaccination status. Persons unable to mask will be exempted from the requirement. Per the CDC and Santa Clara County recommendation, we highly encourage the use of N95/KN95 masks or procedural/surgical masks. Please avoid the use of a cloth mask alone. 

Are face shields allowed in place of masks?

No. Face shields may be worn in addition to — but not in place of — face masks.

What if I feel ill on performance day?

Skip the show and let us know by phone or email! Guests who are not feeling well or who have symptoms of illness may not attend performances and will be allowed to exchange their tickets, receive a voucher for the streaming version of the show, or receive a voucher for the value of the ticket.

Will food and beverages be offered?

Our ability to offer concessions in our lobby may be impacted. Please refer to the show webpage for the most up-to-date information.

Will seating capacity be impacted?

Currently there are no restrictions on seating capacity. If restrictions are implemented by state or local officials, subscribers will have priority access to seating and we will do our best to accommodate every request for in-person seating that is received by the priority access deadline. Rest assured your subscribed seats will be saved in our system so that you can keep your seats season after season.

What happens if a show is canceled or postponed?

Both COVID-19 safety and external factors may require us to cancel or reschedule in-person performances. In such cases, we may substitute the original show for one that can be rehearsed and presented under current conditions. For shows where we can acquire rights to a streaming license, your ticket purchase will give you online streaming access to the original or substitute performance. In the event of a cancelation that we are unable to stream online or substitute, you will be offered a credit voucher, the opportunity to donate your ticket price back to Palo Alto Players, or a ticket refund. If the performance is rescheduled, we will automatically move your ticket to the new date.

When do single tickets go on sale?

Single tickets for each show will go on sale no later than 4 weeks in advance of that show’s first performance.

I just bought a single ticket. Where’s my ticket confirmation or streaming link?

When you purchase a ticket, you’ll receive confirmation and an access link via email. Because streaming platforms are show-specific, please visit the show webpage for detailed tips and access instructions.

I’m a season subscriber. How will I get access to streaming shows? Do I have to pay extra?

As a season subscriber, you may switch into streamed or on-demand recordings, when available. There is no additional charge, but you must take action show-by-show. Request an exchange from your in-person seats into virtual access by contacting the box office at least 72 hours before virtual access expires. 

How can I review my subscription, past tickets or credit balance?

Visit your personal account at Use the password you’ve already set to log in, or create a new one by clicking “Reset here” at “Forgot your password”. 

I share my subscription with people outside of my household. How can they get access to steaming shows?

We don’t want any of your “subscriber buddies” to miss out and are glad to honor multi-household subscriptions. If you are the primary account holder and subscribe with someone who doesn’t live in the same house as you, please use this form to record a unique name and email address associated with each of those additional households.

If you request an exchange into virtual viewing of one of our shows for yourself, the primary subscriber must contact us show-by-show about how the other households included in that subscription wish to see a show. Buddy subscriber exchanges into virtual access must be received in the box office at least 72 hours before virtual access expires for a given show. 

What if I purchase a subscription but decide later I don’t feel safe attending the show in person?

Where we can obtain streaming rights, you may watch the show from the comfort of your living room if you don’t feel safe attending the in-person performance. You must contact us before the stream expires, during weekday normal box office hours, to request an exchange into the virtual version of the show.

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